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2023 Wedding Décor Trends


Wedding decor is one of the most exciting and creative aspects of wedding planning. The right decor can turn an ordinary wedding venue into a magical wonderland, making the day even more special for the happy couple and their guests. Over the years, many wedding decor trends have come and gone, but some have stood the test of time and remain popular to this day. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the popular wedding décor trends that we will be seeing in 2023.

Fun seating charts at Sun Valley in Cleveland Ohio
One Red Door Photography

Creative Seating Charts

Seating charts are an important part of weddings and have been popular for many years. What started as just a basic chart on a foam board or frame, has now transformed into a unique decor opportunity. In 2022, couples really started going above and beyond making their seating chart into something more than just something you read. This year this trend will keep moving forward and become even bigger with seating charts offering guests more an interactive experience. There are SO many unique things you can do like a champagne wall with champagne flutes labeled with individual guests name along with their table number. What something more simple and elegant but still different than the usual foam board? Try using a mirror with wax seals and a cute saying. Not only does a mirror provide a beautiful piece of décor but it is also something that you can use in your home afterwards.


Lounge Seating

Sun Valley Ohio has a lounge set
Kelley Elyse Photography

Adding loundge seating to any part of your reception space can add a sense of hominess and luxary. There are many ways to go about this, whether you rent a lounge collection from a rentail company or thrift your own pieces. Sun Valley is lucky enough to have our own lounge space that includes a couch, 2 chairs, coffee table, and rug. There are many different areas you add a loundge space and benefits to each. Having a loundge space close to your dance floor is great for older guests who want to watch the dancing but not necessarily actually dancing with you and your guests. Another great spiot for some chairs and couch is in your cocktail hour space espcially if the reception space is closed off. This is where a lot on conversations and mingling go on and having a cozy spot for guests to sit around is a great addition to any wedding. Loundge spaces also add a great photo op for your wedding ready pictured with your bridesmaids or groosmen, We've had many bridal parties taking laidback pictures on our couch during wedding mornings.


Colorful and Bold Florals

Wedding with lots of bold colors at Sun Valley in Chagrin Falls
Lauren Joy Photography

In 2022 we saw a lot of black and white all neutral weddings which will always be a classic and timeless color scheme. But, in 2023 we will be seeing lots more color especially in floral arrangements. Viva Magenta is 2023 wedding color of the year so be sure to watch out for that! Not only will you be seeing more color in floral arrangements but we will be seeing florals in unique spots that you usually don't see them in. We've all seen lose stems included on a traditional multi-teared wedding cake, but what about florals surrounding the bottom of a cake! We will also be seeing more overgrown aisle arrangements and floral arches which can add a wildflower field feel to your ceremony. In order to add more colors to bouquets, table arrangements, and installations, we will be seeing less greenery. Single variety arrangements land bold statement vases will also be very popular this year.


Colored candles make a statement at Sun Valley in Cleveland Ohio
One Red Door Photography

Colorful and Unique Candles

Candles have been and always will be popular for wedding decor. They add a romantic feel and can really transform a space. We've all seen the white pillar candles and simple candle votices, but we will be seeing more unique candles moving foward. Tapper and pillar candles not only add light and height to your tablescape but they can actually add fun pops of color and texture to wow your guests. Instead of a basic white tapper candle you can find colorful tappers that go with your color scheme. White tapper or pillar candles with hand painted florals have been imerging and this is a fun DIY project for a creative bride.

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