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facts & questions

Caterers…. Do you have them or do we need to bring in our own? 

Great question - Since the three owners have been in the wedding industry a combined total of about 50 years, we were very excited to pick our four top favorites to be our preferred caterers. Please see the CATERING page for more info.

What are my linen choices and may I rent something specific? 

We are always happy to upgrade your chairs, linens, and other decor items through our partnership with various vendors.  However included in your venue rental with Sun Valley are white floor-length table linens and napkins.

Do you book more than one event/wedding a day?

No, we do not. However we will often tour couples during the morning, early afternoon during the setup time.  It's helpful for couples to see the venue during an actual wedding.  Although we try to stop touring before a first look, to preserve the intimacy of your day.

Do you have a "getting ready" suite? 

We do and in our renovations, Jennifer (wedding planner by trade) & Melissa (photographer by trade) made sure to add lots of glam with vanity lights, enough outlets for cell phones and curling irons, tall chairs, plenty of seating, a beautiful mirror, private dressing area, place to hang bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses, private keyless lock for your personal belongings, and lastly/most importantly - a wine fridge for bubbles/wine!   

What decor do you allow? 

We are open to most decor ideas but simply put… nothing can be nailed to the walls, flames need to be contained and we’re not able to store items overnight after the reception concludes. 

Who provides alcohol & bar items?

Sun Valley does!  We provide all the beer, wine, liquor and mixers.  Your caterer will provide the garnishments (we don't keep perishable items on property).  The washes included in our packages are: coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, ginger beer, soda water, tonic water, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemonade, iced tea and grenadine.

Can I arrive early for hair & makeup?

Yes, and this is not part of your “guest attendance time” that is included in the venue rental. We open the doors as early as 9am.

Does Sun Valley require us to get limited liability insurance?

We don't require it, but highly recommend it. There is a short video (literally 1 minute long) that explains what this coverage is and why it’s important.  It speaks about two kinds of coverage; however, we only require the liability coverage.  This is specifically broken down in your contract with us.  It's actually much easier (and less expensive) than most people think.  Most couples are able to get the best price by going through a company that they already have insurance through (usually auto, home or renters).  But, you can also purchase it online through sites like  If you copy and paste the text in our contract, and shoot it over to your insurance rep, they will know exactly how to quote you.  Most couples are able to get coverage for $100-$250, depending on the carrier and if additional things are added (like cancellation insurance).

Does Sun Valley provide a wedding coordinator?

You will have a venue coordinator with you on your wedding day. Their role is exactly that: to coordinate the venue. From confirming your layout and overall setup of the day, making sure the bar runs smoothly, that lights are at the right level and dimmed when needed, the AC is comfortable, spills are cleaned, guests are tended to, bathrooms are stocked and tidy, etc  You can also expect them to make sure the venue rules are being followed.


Sun Valley will put the tables and chairs in the proper place according to your layout and apply the linens.  The caterers will fold and place the napkins and set the tables. Adversely, we will also tear down the tables and chairs, and pull the linens.  

Wedding coordinators (or wedding planners, day-of coordinators, etc.) are there to coordinate the wedding. They are responsible for all of the events happening on your wedding day, including off-site events.  Wedding coordinators are responsible for setting up your personal items such as your favors, menus, place cards, programs, etc. However, we are also happy to help with this task.   Although, Sun Valley doesn’t assist with centerpieces or other large scale decor.  You will want to coordinate with a florist or decor company for the setup and tear down/removal of these items. Often these items need to be removed the night of the wedding (when bridal party and family are exhausted from the long day).  A wedding planner will direct the rehearsal, set up and break down your decor, line up and cue the ceremony processional, and attend to the couple on the day of the wedding as they need. 

Do you allow sparklers? 

For safety we tend to discourage sparklers, however if protocols are followed, they are allowed.  BUT we would be happy to suggest a variety of fun alternatives.

Are there are any additional/hidden fees?

No, nothing is hidden here at Sun Valley. Aside from your venue rental, you can anticipate bar/beverage charges, bartenders (supplied by Sun Valley), security (hired by Sun Valley), and ceremony fee (should you have the ceremony on-site). Service charge and sales tax will also be applied.  With any rentals, Sun Valley will place and accept the order as well as set up the items. 

Is your client communication timely? 

It absolutely is. You can reach us at any time, which is the beauty of having three owners (Jennifer, Melissa, and Scott) that are very invested in making sure you have the best experience at Sun Valley. From a client portal to your personal file, our auto-reminder emails that send out through the planning process, to all types of questionnaires that let us into your wedding world and clue us in on all the important details from your wedding day. If you’re not getting enough emails from us, we’re always just a phone call or a couple of clicks in an email away. 

How many guests can Sun Valley accommodate?

Up to 300 and we would love to have you out for a visit to see it in person! Please schedule a tour and visit our Instagram at @sunvalleyohio to see more! 

Is Sun Valley ADA compliant? 

Sun Valley is handicap accessible, however, please let us know if you need more information or have specific needs.

What is the service charge, and why is it on my invoice? 

Service charge is an industry-standard and you will encounter it with any hotel, hall, venue, caterer, etc.  The percent, however, ranges from 20-25%.  In a nutshell, it goes to help cover the costs of operating a business: office staff, utilities, supplies, insurance, advertising, etc.  While a contract may show a breakdown of the specific event elements, the service charge helps cover the cost of the hours needed to prepare and plan the event.  Often, a caterer or venue will offer services (tastings, room layouts, meetings, walkthroughs) that are notincluded as a line item cost on the contract.  The costs need to be covered, and thus the service charge allows for this. Keep in mind, it’s not something we (or your caterer) charge exclusively.  You would have this charge at any venue or with any caterer.

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