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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue in Ohio

Making a decision about where to hold your wedding is a very huge deal! The venue sets the

mood for the entire affair and will be the backdrop of all your memories for many years to

come. As such, it’s not a decision to make quickly and there are some things you should

definitely consider before setting a date! Of course, the goal is to find a place you love that is convenient for your guests and that you can afford!

Here are 3 Must-Dos Before you Choose a Wedding Venue in Ohio:

1. Set a Budget! The most essential decision you'll have to make is where to have your event, but if you get there and can't afford your favorite DJ or florist, you'll be kicking yourself for not setting a budget! Unless money is't an issue, knowing how

much you can spend on the overall wedding allows you to break down how much you want to spend on all the moving elements.

2. Make a List of Venue Musts! Do you want an outdoor option? Is the beachfront important to you? Would you love a place that supplies wedding planning as part of the package so you don’t have to “do it alone?” Create a spreadsheet (or at least a comprehensive list) of all your wants and needs. Please bring it with you, along with questions, when you visit venues so you can gather all your information in one place.

Here are few questions to ask when you take your tour:

  • How many people can the venue hold?

  • Do they have your date available (unless you are flexible!)

  • Note the type of space this is – hotel, banquet facility, outdoors, etc.

Layout: Can the venue accommodate your desires for all parts of your affair – ceremony, cocktail party, dinner/dancing?

  • Budget: Do they charge one price or is everything a la carte?

  • Culinary options: Do they offer a sit-down meal and buffet options? Will they

accommodate dietary restrictions or requests?

  • What’s the parking situation?

  • What do they include and what costs extra? (Linens? Cake? Flowers? Valet parking?)

3. Shop Around. Hey, you might find the perfect location straight away. If you do, you’ll know it. But, if you have the time to shop around, do so. This is your one and only big day, right? You want to feel confident you made the right choice about venue.

At the Sun Valley Ohio, we pride ourselves in making your wedding day a dream come true. All you need to do is ask! Come take a tour and let us show you why our beautiful venue is the right wedding venue in Ohio for you magical day. Call us today at  330-562-6277 to schedule a private tour.

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