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...capturing the voices of your favorite people

The only thing better than a hand written note, is hearing that note in the voice of your favorite people.  So... are you ready to upgrade from that standard guest book?

Vintage Voicemail is a fresh and charming alternative.  All your favorite people (including the weird second cousin) can leave you well wishes and hysterical advice, all on our custom rotary phone. 

End result?  Recordings you will have forever.  This is great when listening to Grandma's martial advice... not so great for Uncle Larry after a few gin and tonics.  

Vintage Voicemail Audio Guest Book

how does it work?

So easy, that your tech challenged college roommate can figure it out.

Vintage Voicemail Sun Valley

guests pick up the phone

Chagrin Falls Wedding Venue

listen for the beep

Aurora Ohio Wedding Venue

speak into the phone

Cleveland Wedding Venue

hang up

...but wait, there's more!

A custom greeting recorded by you will be what guests hear when they pick up the receiver.   

Audio clips are auto converted into a shareable video that can easily be posted to Instagram or other social media platforms. 
After your event you get a hosted gallery with all of the playable & shareable audio files featuring an image of your choice.
Looking at partying into the night, we offer an upgraded extended battery pack!

~ Pricing ~

~ Add On's ~
$100 - Receive extended mp4 edits that are social media sharable
$75 - Portable battery pack, for spaces without ample outlets

what does it sound like?

standard samples

Sample #1Brooke the Friend
00:00 / 00:29
Sample #2Katie aka: Kate
00:00 / 00:31
Sample #3Cousin Dee
00:00 / 00:22

extended social sharable sample

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