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The Benefits of Doing a First Look on Your Wedding Day

Choosing to a first look or waiting until the ceremony is a very personal decision and both are amazing options for many different reasons. Talk to your photographer about first looks and they can help lead you in the right directions. Here are some of the great benefits of choosing to do a first look:

First look at Cleveland venue
Captured by Kaitlin

Private Moment Together: There's a good chance that a first look is one of the only private moment's you'll have together the day of your wedding. It allows you to share and initimate moment before your ceremony and before all the big events happen.

Calms your nerves: Your wedding day can be filled with overwelming moments like sharing your vows, speeches, and your first dance. Taking a moment where it's just the two of you (besides your photographer and videographer) can help calm your nerves. Sometimes it just takes seing your favorte person to relax you.

Best wedding venue in Cleveland
Kropp Photography

Capture Genuine Reactions: One of the most beautiful aspects of a first look is the opportunity to capture genuine, unfiltered reactions on camera. The look on your partner's face when they see you for the first time can be priceless and make for some of the most cherished photos of the day.

Extend Your Time Together: By doing a first look, you can extend the amount of time you get to spend together on your wedding day. You'll get to see eachother an hour or two before the ceremony. That time before the ceremony is much less hectic and you can really enjoy taking your time with pictures and not rushing anything.

Outdoor first look at Cleveland wedding venue
Makayla Lynn Photography

Maximize Daylight

For couples getting married later in the day or during the winter months when daylight is limited, a first look can be invaluable for maximizing the available light for photos. Getting those important shots earlier in the day ensures you have plenty of natural light to work with.

Enjoying Your Cocktail Hour

Perhaps one of the most practical benefits of doing a first look is that it allows you to join your cocktail hour. Instead of spending the cocktail hour taking photos, you can mingle with your guests, enjoy hors d'oeuvres, and kick off the celebration together. If you need a break, you could even take this time to hide away in the bridal suite to relax before the fesivities of the repetion start.

Ohio venue Private first look
Natalie Kendrick Photography

More Pictures: The best part about a first look overall, is that it maximizes your time for pictures. You will have more than just cocktail hour to take pictures and not feel rushed. Instead of just an hour you could double the amount of time you get for pictures by doing a first look.

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