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Save the Dates and Invitations: Do's and Don'ts

Save the dates and invitations are crucial elements in setting the tone for a wedding and providing essential information to guests. In this guide, we'll navigate through the do's and don'ts of wedding save the dates and invitations, helping you navigate the delicate balance between elegance and practicality to ensure your invitations leave an indelible mark on the hearts of your guests.

Summer wedding at Cleveland venue
Hunter Photographic


1.  Send out your save the dates around 6-9 months before the wedding to give guests plenty

of time to plan. If your having a destination wedding, we suggest 10-12 months out! Formal

invitations can be sent out 2-3 months out or 3-4 months out for a destination wedding.

2. Look into different options. There are so many amazing custom stationary artists as well as great websites like Minted and Zazzle

3.  Provide your wedding website link on Save the Date and invitations. The earlier people have access to information, the better!

4. Consider letting guests RSVP online. This makes it easier on not only your guests, but on

you. All your responses go in one place and you don't have to worry about RSVP cards

getting lost in the mail! You can always send individual RSVP cards to oder guest who may

not be as tech savvy

invitations for a Fall wedding in Chagrin alls
Kayla Coleman Photography

5. Choose Save the Dates and invitations that match your

overall theme or vibe. Stationary set's the tone for the entire

day. There are so many options out there.

6. Be sure to order 10-12 extra Save the Dates and Invitations.

You never know how many will get lost in the mail or if your

mochas an extra guest for you  to add last minute! You will

also want to have extra stationary saves for your day of detail


7. Set a RSVP deadline. No matter how far in advise you send your Save the Dates and

invitations, be sure to set a strict RSVP deadline. This is typically around 3 weeks prior to your

wedding. Be sure to ask your venue and caterer when they need a finale headcount.


      1. This is a common mistake among couples, but don’t accidentally order one wedding

invitation for every guest. In a nutshell, if you invite a total of 200 guests to your wedding, you don’t actually need 200 invitations. Make sure to order one invitation or Save the Date

per household.

wedding stationary at Cleveland, Ohio venue
Madison Sharp Photography

2. Don't overcrowd your invitations with

information. You want to be sure to only

include the most important information on

your invitations, otherwise important details

will be overlooked. Be sure to include the time, location, dress code, and where to RSVP. Other details like hotel room blocks, transportation,

and your registry, can be included on your

wedding website.



3. Don't rely on your mothers address book that's 10 years old. Chance is that a good portion

of your guests have moved in the last few years, especially your younger friends.

4. Don't print your Save the Dates or Invitations without 1 or 2 people triple checking for

grammar and spelling mistakes. 

5. Don't include your registry information (although it's tempting). This is still considered

"bad taste." Add a link to your wedding website to your Save the Date and registry. Your

wedding website should include your registry information


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