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Important Questions to Ask on Your Wedding Venue Tour

There's a good chance this is the first wedding you've planned and first time touring wedding venue! It's important to know what questions to ask while you're touring. You can never ask too many questions!

Bride Party at Cleveland venue
Whitney Merkle Photography

1. Availability and Logistics:

  • What dates are available for our preferred wedding date?

  • How many events can be hosted on the same day?

  • What's the maximum guest capacity of the venue?

  • Are there any time restrictions for events?

2. Pricing and Packages:

  • What is the cost of renting the venue?

  • What's included in the rental fee (e.g., tables, chairs, linens)?

  • Are there any additional fees (service charges, taxes, corkage fees)?

  • Do you offer different wedding packages, and what do they include?

Colorful garden Ohio wedding
Heather J Photography

3. Catering and Bar Services:

  • Can we bring in our own caterer, or do you have in-house catering?

    • Are there any dietary restrictions or menu options to consider?

    • What are the options for bar services (open bar, cash bar, BYOB)?

    • How many bartenders do you provide for my guest count?

    • Do you have a full service kitchen for catering to use?

    • Do you provide all glassware, plates, and flatware?

4. Décor and Setup:

  • Are there any restrictions on decorating the venue? (candles, command strips, confetti)

  • Do you provide any décor items or recommendations for vendors?

  • What all does the venue set up? (linens, tables, chairs)

  • How early can we access the venue to set up, and when must it be cleaned up?

Indoor wedding at beautiful Ohio wedding venue
Hannah Barr Photography

5. Outdoor Spaces and Plan B:

  • If you have an outdoor ceremony or reception planned, what's the backup plan in case of bad weather?

  • What is the latest time we can change it to plan B?

  • Are there any outdoor restrictions or guidelines to be aware of?

6. Vendor and Planner Flexibility:

  • Are we free to choose our own vendors (photographer, florist, DJ, etc.)?

  • Do you have a list of preferred vendors, and is there any incentive to use them?

  • How do you coordinate with wedding planners or day-of coordinators?

  • What all does your venue coordinator help with the day-of?

Cleveland venue with outdoor space and water
Hunter Photographic

7. Guest Comfort and Accessibility:

  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

  • Are there ample restroom facilities for guests?

  • What about parking options for attendees?

8. Rules and Regulations:

  • Are there any specific rules or regulations we should be aware of?

  • Do you have any noise restrictions, especially for outdoor events?

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