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How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Day

Your furry friend is a special member of your family, so why not include them in your big day? Here are a few ways to include your dog or even cat in your wedding:

Sun Valley loves having dogs in our outdoor ceremony space
Heather J Photography

1. Use them as a ring bearer: If your dog is well-trained and comfortable around crowds, consider having them walk down the aisle with the rings on a special pillow.

2. Have them as a part of your wedding party: Assign your dog as the “Best Dog” or “Dog of Honor” and have them stand with you during the ceremony.

at Sun Valley we love to see signature drinks
Heather J Photography

3. Include them in your photos: Make sure to take plenty of photos with your dog on your big day. They can be included in your engagement photos, wedding party photos or even have their own mini photo shoot.

4. Create a special role for them: If you have a specific theme or location for your wedding, consider incorporating your dog into it. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, have your dog walk down the aisle in a cute Hawaiian-themed bandana. Make sure to have a designated caretaker: Keep in mind that while you want to include your dog in your special day, they still need to be taken care of. Make sure to have a designated caretaker who will take care of your dog's needs such as feeding and potty breaks.

5. If your dog or cat can't physically be there with you on your wedding day there are SO many fun ways to still include them. You could name a signature drink after them, adding a figurine that look looks like them to your cake, or even include ALL dogs by letting your guests take home a goody bag full of dog treats.

Have dogs treats as your favor at Sun Valley
Heather J Photography
Include your dogs at your wedding cake at Sun Valley
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