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Best Wedding Amazon Finds

Amazon is every brides best friend during the planning process, especially the last month when you're buying last minute essentials. Not only does amazon make it easy to return items, but their shipping is extremely fast. Amazon is ideal if you're running out of time or if you're on a budget! We curated a list of what we think our some of the best wedding find on amazon.


Acrylic Frosted Arch Table Numbers

Not only are these table numbers inexpensive, but they can fit almost any theme or color scheme. We love how timeless and simple they are.


Flameless Candles

These candles are not only safe but add elegance to any space. We allow real candles here at Sun Valley as long as the flame is enclosed. You wouldn't have to worry about spending extra money on votives or chimney vases with these candles, plus you can reuse them in your home afterwards!


Acrylic card box

Perfect card box if you want a simple look or an easy DIY project. You can add your new last name to the box or keep it as is!


Customized Neon Sign

We LOVE seeing neon signs at Sun Valley! They're such a fun and unique way to add a personal touch to your reception. They make for an easy backdrop for a DIY Photo Booth or for behind your head table.

Kelley Elyse Photography


Satin Stripped Pajamas

Need a cute getting ready outfit for you and your girls but you're not into the robes? This stripped satin pajama set could also make a perfect "something blue" for your day. This set comes in many couples if you want to match with your girls or stand out wearing a different color!


Customized Cocktail Stirrers

Signature drinks are all the rage right now and we LOVE them here at Sun Valley. Do you plan on naming your signature drink after your beloved pet? Well, imagine getting custom drink stirrers with your pets face on them to go along with your signature drink! You could also go a simpler route and get your initials graved on them to add a personal touch to your bar.


Custom Mrs. Sweatshirt

One thing you may not think of is packing an outfit that you can change into after your reception to drive home or even go straight to the airport in. This custom Mrs. sweatshirt us the cutest addition to any bridal wardrobe. You could wear it during dress shopping, your bachelorette trip, or even during cake tasting.


Vintage Bud vases

A new floral trend is bud vases. If you plan on going for a simpler minimalistic look then consider using bud vases for some of your table arrangements. You can have your florist fill them with single stems or buy fake flowers to fill them. Bud vase arrangements go perfectly with candles!


Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

This is another great item to add to your list if you plan on doing your own DIY photo booth. The pictures can double as a favor for guests to bring home and remember your special day. It's also a great item to have during your wedding morning while getting ready. You and your bridesmaids can take pictures before your photographer arrives.


Foam Glow Sticks

Foam glow sticks are an easy way to get your dance floor packed with all your family and friends. Not everyone feels comfortable dancing and these are an easy way to help guests loosen up. Double fisting- a drink in one hand and a glow stick in the other.

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