Beautiful décor is vital to the entire picture of a wedding setting, beginning with the general

arrangement of the tables and ending with the smallest details. Whether you want to keep the

event classic or take a creative approach, Sun Valley Ohio has compiled a list of wedding décor

trends that will continue to dominate in 2022. Please look at it and get inspired!


In the past, wedding couples would place framed photos from their grandparents', parents',

and siblings' weddings as a tribute to the inspiring married couples in their lives, possibly as a

tradition of long-lasting unions that warms the hearts of all wedding guests and means so much

to the members of the family shown in the photos. Family portraits may feature nieces and

nephews who were not born when their parents and grandparents married, giving the children

their own limelight. And, because you probably consider your best friends to be like family, they

may be featured in on-display images as well, such as group shots from your college days or

Spring Break excursions.


LED lights, which provide a mellow glow, are an excellent method to adjust the color of your

venue. LED lighting may radically alter the appearance of your location, making it appear even

more festive and captivating. Consider placing colorful lighting around the room's perimeter.

This is an excellent method to create a unified aesthetic that complements your wedding theme

and illuminates the night.


A visitor may receive a stain on their clothing during your reception and be glad to find stain-

remover packets in the lavatories. Providing an appealing, well-stocked amenity basket in your

wedding venue toilets provides much-appreciated conveniences to visitors throughout any sort

of wedding celebration. Safety pins, bandages, bobby pins, cotton swabs, breath mints, dental

floss, ibuprofen, and hand sanitizer are useful in these baskets.


Tabletop decorations at your wedding reception may leave a lasting impression on your guests.

When choosing your floral arrangements, be sure to choose a case style that complements your

floral arrangements. Vases are key design elements that may be used to hold flower

arrangements and can serve to accent a complete floral show.

Consider glass vases for your centerpieces for an exquisite wedding since they can

accommodate long-stemmed roses or flowers with a heavy stem. Using a colorful vase that

contrasts with your floral arrangements will help your centerpieces stand out. Consider using

colorful ceramic vases to hold your flower arrangements for a modern wedding.


Hundreds or thousands of small paper cranes, or hung flowers and crystals, provide complex

visual effects and a great impression as visitors glance up at the venue's ceiling. As the leading

trends in ceiling accent placement suggest, this hanging décor might hang over the dance floor,

over their lovers' table, or above the wedding cake.


When guests come to their tables, they are greeted by this printed wedding menu card, which

announces and describes the courses that will be served as part of the wedding supper.

According to many wedding organizers, couples purchase their menu cards simultaneously as

they order their wedding invitations. This method enables engaged couples to develop a

cohesive print design that corresponds to the wedding theme. Make a long menu card with

plenty of space to display all of your courses and menu item details. Larger fonts stand out and

make it easier for visitors to read.


As the wedding business evolves, the wedding professionals at Sun Valley Ohio are well-

equipped to accommodate the most ambitious décor needs. The only requirement is that it

meets your tastes! Call the Sun Valley Ohio wedding planning experts at 330-562-6277 now.

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