Before Choosing a Wedding Venue in Ohio, Ask YourselfThese Questions

It’s OK, sometimes talking to yourself pays off! When the time comes to select a wedding venue

in Ohio for the most special day of your life, relax! Take the time to tour some places and then

ask yourself (and your betrothed!) the following questions before making a final decision:

1. Will all my guests fit comfortably in this space? 

If you have a particularly large guest list or a more intimate one, this is a very important

question. Can the venue accommodate your guests appropriately? You don’t want a group of

50 people swimming in a ballroom that holds 200, right? Neither do you want your guests

squished together, fighting for space at their tables or the dance floor.

And, remember, just because a room can be “stretched” (by adding extra tables) doesn’t mean

that is a great idea. People will remember being uncomfortable and they may even leave early.

Plan for a space that fits your guest list!

2. Can the venue handle my dream plan?

There are a lot of moving parts when planning a wedding. There’s the ceremony, photo shoot,

cocktail party, meal/dancing, and perhaps even an after party. If you want to keep all of these

settings in one place, make sure you choose a venue that can accommodate your desires. For


 If you want part of your event to be held outdoors, what does the venue in question

have to offer?

 If you want a certain type of table layout, can the venue handle that?

 Let’s say you want a fancy French meal, can the chef accommodate?

There are many parts of the puzzle and you, while you may have to compromise on some

things, you should strive to get as much from your “wants” list as possible.

3. Can we afford this venue? 

Make no mistake about it, budget is important for most engaged couples. Make sure your

venue of choice can work with your budget or you will wind up being disappointed. The last

thing you want to do have to give up on important aspects of your dream.

Refer to point No. 2 above. This is your one and only wedding. You’ve been dreaming about it

forever, right? Examine your "needs" and "wishes" list and be realistic. Make sure you get the

most of both when selecting your venue!

Finally, consider another very important question. Does the venue you are considering check all

of the boxes when it comes to the “feels?” You know you have a picture in your mind’s eye. Are

you seeing yourself dancing your first dance there?

This is a question only you can answer. It’s not about food or budget or parking. It’s about your

own gut feeling. Is this where you want to say “I do?” If the answer is “yes,” secure the date

and let the wedding planning begin!

Check out the beautiful Sun Valley Ohio nestled in Chagrin Falls. We are the best wedding

venue in Ohio, this means your wedding will be our priority on your special day!

Contact us at 330-562-6277 to schedule a tour. Once you select Sun Valley Ohio, rest assured;

we will walk you through the entire planning process, from your ceremony to your dream


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